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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coon Reunion 2012

Okay I got way bad and behind on blogging. Im really sad about it and now I have so much to catch up on! I loved when I blogged everyday because I love remembering the little things about every day and I seem to capture ( and remember ) the cute little things my kids do on a daily basis. Not just our trips and the big stuff. So heres to blogging everyday again! We'll see how this goes haha! Well since I'm so behind I'm going to blog about our second trip to Utah first so I can get all those pictures out of the way and start blogging the rest!

We had the big Coon Reunion the end of July this summer and it turned out to be quite a fun trip! They had fun things planned each day and we all enjoyed our time spent there. The first day Spencer and Preston went fishing with the guys and I stayed and hung out with my mom! Then I met up with them for dinner that night with Debbies family at the park. It was the first time Preston saw his Aunt Tiff for a while and he was in heaven playing with her. I swear she had him the whole time we were there. Such a good Auntie!! 

The next day was the 24th of July! We headed to Salt Lake City for the parade of course!

At lunch we HAD to go to Hires Big H. I've never been a huge fan of this place, I really think his family only loves it because they've been going there their whole lives and its just a tradition no one wants to let go of haha! And luckily even Spencer didn't like it much this time around so hopefully we can move on to better hamburger places for now on!  

Then after lunch we headed to a park to meet up with everyone for a game of slip n slide kickball. At first me and my sister in law Alyssa were all game for playing but after we watched some peoples crazy idea of fun we totally changed our minds! It was fun enough just watching, laughing and lets be honest here...making fun of people while they played haha! Here are some photos that we all died laughing when we saw...

Letting go of some anger there Grant!? haha luckily we all know deep down that we all love each other!! Do you see now why I ditched out on this game? Water was sprayed right into your face as you tried to make it to the base. Even little girls! I have learned since being married into this family that everything is a competition and they are all SO SERIOUS about it. I just don't have that competitive nature in me so sometimes things shock me...but I'm getting used it! haha! ( That last picture has GOT to make the next family video Jill! haha! )

They ended up connecting all of the slip n slides and made a huge one down a big hill and Preston was obsessed! He cut everyone in line and went at least 10 times! 

When we got back to Paul and Melissas house, Paul took the little boys on a little Ranger ride. They were so excited!!

We had dinner and then we had our own little firework show...for like 10 min! Cop cars and a firetruck came and stopped us :(. Luckily they were really cool and we ended up taking a photo in front of the firetruck! 

The next day was Lagoon! I have never been here and I was really excited to go. I was especially excited for Preston because this was his first time at a theme park type place. He loved it, we all had a blast!!

We took a quick picture right as we were entering the park...preston obviously didn't know how much fun he was going to have that day haha!

That day was Alyssa's Birthday!! We went out that night to Tucano's to celebrate even more!! It was sooo yummy...

The last day that we got to be at the reunion everyone rented canoes and had another fun day at the lake. Spencer and Preston went and they had a lot of fun. I had to miss out and go to a lame doctors appt. :( But that night was skit night and it was seriously HILARIOUS. 

Ron danced as a Backstreet boy...PRICELESS!

James and Ryan were too sexy for their shirts haha! I was dying of laughter! 

 Heres our big group and we were missing quite a few people and some people just didnt fit haha! There were a lot of us :)

There are some things I absolutely LOVE about this family and then there a few things that just drive me crazy! HAHA! But those things I love outweigh those I dont by ten fold. This family has truely blessed my life and my family and I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of it. I'm a lucky lucky girl!!!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for letting me borrow your swimming suit, I still need to get that back to you!