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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Utah part 2!

We were in Utah long enough to spend a few days with my family too :). The first day we got there we went fishing at Mirror Lake! It rained and it was pretty dang cold but we were able to catch a few fish and we still enjoyed being out there. The drive there and back was BEAUTIFUL and me and Spencer decided that living in Heber City Utah would be a dream.

After long days of having too much fun this is what Spenc and Preston looked like...passed out on Grammy's Couch. Cute thing about this picture is that Spencer fell asleep and Preston saw and went and got that blanket and put it on his daddy and then laid next to him and fell asleep too. Gosh I love those boys. 

We also went to Courtney's softball Tournament! I love seeing that girl play...shes good ( a lot better then i was ) but it still makes me want to get out there and play ball too! Love that baby sister of mine!

Me and Spencer were also able to go on a date with Tanner and Keeley. We went and saw the movie Bernie. It was so so. But it was fun to spend time with those two!

And Spencer also got to spend time with Thuet, one of his mission companions. 

We had such a great time with everyone, this was probably our favorite trip up to Utah ( besides having our sweet baby girl of course! ). Miss everyone there Tons!!!

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