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Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Update : Spencer and I...

I guess I am just linking mine and Spencer's together since nothing really new or big happened with us. Spencer is still doing Real Estate and Investments. He's really good at what he does and he really likes it,  so this job of his turned into a career and we are really excited about it. It feels EXTREMELY nice to be done with school. He's been home so much more and its been such a blessing! He has been wakeboarding any chance he gets, he's so fun to watch. 

I am still in love with my job as wife and mommy! I just started a new diet challenge today called 60 days 10 dollars. Everyone puts 10 dollars in and whoever looses the most percentage wise wins the money! I'm hoping I win but either way if I loose the weight I want I will be extremely excited. I'm hoping this will be the motivation I need to finally do it! I also have a million craft projects/ christmas presents to make that I will be super busy with these next few months! Life is good!

Me and Spencer also celebrated our 5th Anniversary this month! I am so in love with that man! Like the song says " I belong with you, You belong with me, Your my Sweetheart"! We most definitely belong together. I love you Spencer!

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Mikko Yun said...

That's so funny that you're doing the 60 day $10 thing...I am pretty sure that it's the one my neighbor from Pinetop started. Good luck :)