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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preston's first day of Preschool!...

I really can't believe Preston is old enough for preschool! Blows my mind how quickly he is growing up. I had a really hard time deciding on preschool. Should he go? The school system already takes our kids away at 5 years old and when they graduate they are old enough to start their own lives. They are only completely ours for 5 years. I went back and forth a million times and then a friend from my ward started up a little preschool across the street. It's only 2 days a week for 3 hours. I mainly wanted something that would be fun for him. Don't get me wrong I want him to learn things but I feel like they have so many years full of schedules and lots of learning. I mainly just wanted him to make friends, learn how to share and how to deal with other kids his age. He needs help with his attention span and sometimes listening so I hope that this will help him with those. But more then anything I want him to have fun and enjoy it. This is how he looked on his first day!

Gosh he is the most handsome preschooler I've ever seen! 

He was so excited to go and went in and never looked back! He held my hand up to the door and his teacher put on his name tag and he was off. I got in my car and tears just came like crazy. I totally thought I'd be okay but in the moment I just couldn't take it. My baby is SO big and he acted so confident and secure and I just felt a little piece of his "needing his mama" went away. But then I came and picked him up. He saw me and ran to me and gave me a big hug. Gosh I love that boy. These are some of the things he told me - 

" Mom I had LOTS and LOTS of friends!"
"Mike(ee) is my friend"
"I read a book with bugs!"

I picked him up and had to run to do some more errands...

He was worn out! He woke up and immediately came to me and said "Mom, I need to go back to preschool!" haha I told him he would in a couple of days. I'm so glad he enjoyed it :) Makes me feel better about him going!!

His Teacher is so awesome and she emailed us all last night to tell us a little about all of their first days. This is what she said about Preston...

 "Preston did great today! Preston is working on lengthening his attention span which will enable him to sit longer periods for group learning. I know that with time these expectations will become easier for him. He is the youngest boy in our class so I understand that his attention span is not as long as some of the others. He was very helpful in putting together our giant school bus puzzle, and he played very well with the other children. We are excited to see Preston Thursday at preschool!"

I was right about his attention span haha and I'm so glad he's working on it :). I just love him!


Corinne and Justin said...

I seriously just LOVE that boy so much! I cant believe hes that big!

Kate said...

He looks like such a big boy! So cute! I'm glad I get to see you on Sundays still and see how big Lylah's getting. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog- that made my day!