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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Okay So before I tell this story I have to explain that I am exhausted in the morning and my sweetest hubby lets me sleep in with Lylah and will take care of Preston. Well this last weekend he went on a biking trip with his friends and so Saturday morning I had no one to help me. That friday Preston took a really late nap and wouldn't go to sleep that night until midnight and Lylah had a bad night and I was up and down with her. So by morning I was completely out of it and didn't even know when Preston got up. When I finally "came to" I saw that Preston had left the room ( he slept with me ) and it was completely quiet. I jumped up and found him in the kitchen with my fabric scissors! He was telling me "cut" "i cut mom", frantically I looked at his hair ( it looked normal ) then he pointed to my curtains that cover my sliding glass door. He had cut holes ALL over them! After I shrieked he knew he had done something wrong and kept saying " sorry mom". I am SO sad about it but I can't blame him entirely. I have been cutting fabric out for Lylah's bedding and her costume and I left my sewing box on the table in Prestons reach. I should have known he could open the box up easily to find those scissors. I'm just so glad he cut the curtains and didn't hurt himself!

He's standing next to one of the bigger holes...there's little holes everywhere but I couldn't get a picture that showed it very well. I really don't want to remake these curtains! So for now they just stay tied back and you can't really tell. It is so much harder to have a cute house when you have a 2 year old haha!!!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I had to laugh when I read this because first of all I can hear little Preston all proud of himself saying, "I cut mom" and second of all because I did the same thing to my mom when I was his age except to my hair!

So sorry about your curtains though :(