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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bad Parent of the Day Award...

Goes to.....US....on Tuesday night. I'm regrettably writing about a sad sad incident that happened in our home. My poor baby's fingers got burned on the stove. Before I write all about what happened I do want to say that I really try SO hard to prevent anything from happening to this poor boy. He loves to grab EVERYTHING, pull out anything out of drawers and has to explore every inch of our home. So knowing this I bought a baby gate to keep Preston out of our kitchen completely. But that didn't help tuesday...

Spencer had just gotten home and I was trying to fix dinner before Spencer had to leave to Cub Scouts that night. We hadn't really talked yet since he had been home so while I was cooking, Spencer was holding Preston in the kitchen while we were talking. Well I guess Spenc was standing a little too close to the stove and Preston as quick as he could leaned down and touched the hot stove. I was turned around at the sink and all I could hear was a scream and when I turned around he was crying... We ran his fingers under cold water and tried to keep ice on it but he refused to let us. We'd try to just make him let us but that lead to screaming. I gave him some baby Tylenol ( its a pain reliever...i was hoping it would help...i don't know if it did ). He then just cried...really hard...rolling himself on the floor, I'd try and hold him but he'd just get away and roll around then come back for a minute and wanted held. I think he was just trying to escape the pain. I can't tell you how HORRIBLE I felt...and I know Spencer was feeling the same. This went on for about an hour. When Spencer had left for Cub Scouts I just cried. I felt like I couldn't do anything to help him...I could see in his poor eyes he wanted me to make it better but I didn't know what to do. It was the worst feeling EVER. After that hour he seemed to feel a little better...Debbie dropped off some aloe vera plant and i rubbed that on it a million times. The rest of the night I held him and we watched some of his favorite shows until he was tired. 

I couldn't really tell how bad it was that night because it hurt him for me to touch it and he'd pull away so quick that I couldn't look at it very well. Yesterday he seemed almost completely better but he still wouldnt let me look at it very good. But this morning he let me and this is what I saw...

The picture is weird but I had to adjust the lighting so that the blisters would show up better...his hand isn't this red. But he's got a blister on the tips of 3 fingers and his pointer finger has 2. And the creases in his fingers are red.

This is what it looks like without adjusting the light.

This is how he feels about it... I really can't even express how bad we feel. He is using that hand and those fingers completely though. He's acting like nothing is wrong with them today so I hope he isn't hurting anymore.

I had to add this picture cause its really cute. If I tell him to give hugs to his bear he will. haha. 

Preston...Mommy and Daddy love you SO much. We are SO sorry for what happened. We won't let you get anywhere near that hot stove again. XOXO.

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Oh my goodness his little hand! Poor little guy! I hope he heals up soon.

p.s. That's such a scary situation to be in but I think I wouldn't have done anything different. Your such a good mommy Chels :)