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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A date at the Park...

This weekend was one of Spencer's friends birthdays and they all decided to do a guy lake trip. So therefore me and Preston had to do our own thing Friday night and pretty much all of Saturday during the day. But when Spencer was done with his thing we had a family date at the park across the street.

He loves to slide now...look how staticy his hair got haha

And of course he had to swing!

And yes we still love each case you didn't know ;)

Our little family...doesn't Preston look so happy? haha seriously I think he's sick of the camera

Okay so funny/scary story...There was a huge open grass area next to the playground and Preston was running around in it. Well it dips down and he ran straight for it and I couldn't catch up to him fast enough and he ended up rolling half way down the hill! Scared me to death but once I caught up to him he was laughing SO HARD and getting himself up as fast as he could to climb the hill and fall back down again. He's seriously crazy...

Spencer chasing after Preston...story of our lives lately :)

Climbing up the hill like a little bear cub

And falling back down...haha he seriously makes us laugh 24/7. We just LOVE our Preston!

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Jill said...

I am waiting for Annie's baptistm invitations to come in the mail, but I better invite now. Who knows when the invitation will get here.
Saturday, Sept 18, 2010, at 9am. At our Stake center on Recker/warner. We hope you can come.