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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Stuff and Ideas...

So lately I've had a ton of ideas that I want to accomplish that I never do...Making and selling things, redo some rooms in my house, loose know the SAME OLD STUFF! Stuff that I say I'm going to do and make plans to do it and then it just never gets done...Well before the year comes to an end...again...and my goals have not been reached I'm hoping to have at least crossed some off of my long list. I need to make room for some new goals right! So I've started getting healthier...kickboxing class is my new FAVORITE, not only does it kick my butt but I've never had so much fun working out. 

I've also created an ETSY account and I'm going to start selling some of the things I've been making. I only have these 2 watches on there now but I'll be posted some more stuff soon. 

I won this little cherry red bucket on another blog called 4 peas on a pod. It works perfectly in my guest bathroom holding Prestons toothbrush and toothpaste and my scentsy oils. While I'm showing you this bathroom I thought I'd show you a bigger picture of the bathroom and tell you my ideas of making it cuter and you can tell me what you think...

( Ignore that's its a bit dirty ) Okay so I want to paint the cabinets a dark rich brown and get some nice stainless steel knobs. I want to paint the walls in white and tan stripes across the entire bathroom and I'm still debating on whether to take the mirrors down and get a nice dark brown framed mirror instead. What are your thoughts and or some new ideas!? Please share :)

Okay so another question. I love these cute flower headbands everyone is wearing these days. I think they are adorable...I've bought some from whippy cake and I've even made some of my own  BUT every time I put it on I feel like I look like a little girl. I don't want to look you think its just me? Because I see it on other people and i love it but i don't feel the same way when i see myself wearing it...what do you think?

And of course I had to add a picture of the cute boy who runs my household. He had the croup cough a few months ago and we went in and got a shot to take care of it and it went away but now he's coughing like 2-3 times a day with a cough that sounds just like croup again. I'm wondering if I should take him in to the doctor before it gets worse or if there are some home remedies I should try first. We've given him Emergen-C and his multi-vitamin and an extra vitamin C tablet. Any other thoughts or things you've tried that have worked?


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Yay I love that you set up an etsy shop and am excited to see what else you put on there! I love your ideas for your bathroom, I always get excited about home improvement stuff. I think the dark brown cabinets and framed mirror are musts! I also have the same love for the flower headband fad thats been going for the past couple of years. I think you look absolutely adorable wearing them...don't stop! As for Preston, I'm at a loss. I just hope that little cutie gets feeling better soon. See you in a little bit :)

Kacie said...

Yay! I LOVE your watches!!! I am gonna go look! And the head band looks AWESOME. I feel like I look small too but I think its just what we think!!!