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Thursday, June 9, 2011

#14- Thoughts on marriage...

What is the easiest/hardest part? If you could change anything, what would it be?
Marriage is amazing. Yes at times I want to scream but I have definitely never been happier. I think the hardest thing about being married is what you have to learn about yourself. You've lived with yourself for so long that you think how you do things is the way they should be done, your priority's are how you feel they should be, and you spend  your free time and your money the way you want to. But that all changes when you have someone else to "share" it with. I've had to try and change the way I handle situations, like how I want to be a back seat driver and pick at everything when Spencer drives, I'm no professional and I totally have to remind myself that. There are things that I learned from being married that actually bother me about myself. But I actually like that...I like that I've learned how to improve ( and I'm still learning...I'm sure for forever ) things about myself. I hope Spenc has learned from me too and I hope I'm making him a better man as well! 

The easiest part of marriage is actually a hard one for me to answer. I don't think I could think of one thing that would be the easiest. It's all pretty easy. I know I chose the right man for me. I love him with all my heart, even on the days he drives me crazy. It doesn't even cross my mind that I won't be with him forever. Neither him or I are even close to perfect but he is totally perfect for me. And I love the life we've shared thus far and I'm thrilled I get to have him for forever!

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