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Friday, June 10, 2011

Crazy Jumper...

Since potty training has left us stuck at home, we've been bored and we have definitely needed little breaks from potty training as well so we've been playing in prestons pool! Today he started jumping off his little slide and making a big splash...boy did he think he was super cool! I loved the great pics we scored from todays play date haha.

I'm really loving the pool I chose for him this year...I was really debating on if I wanted something that was a little deeper but I LOVE that its more of a splash pad. I really don't have to worry about him at all and he runs and jumps and plays and loves it tons. I can actually relax, try to tan and take pictures with no worries. LOVE it!

On another note...I am 25 weeks along today with our sweet baby girl! I'm feeling rather large but other then that I am feeling pretty good. I have definitely started "nesting" and trying to reorganize rooms and I'm trying to decide how to decorate her room. There are just too many options with girls haha I love it. But here's a little peek at me today while I was playing outside...
Yes I'm really started to poke out haha! I have another appointment Tuesday so I'll probably update again then. :)

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