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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sprinkler Fun...

Preston LOVES water and finds a chance to play in it everyday, no matter where we are. Even if its other peoples hoses, dog water or in this case ,luckily, just our sprinklers :)

He had a lot of fun but you can tell he's a little cold, it was later in the afternoon and the wind picked up a little. 

In other news...potty training starts tomorrow! I have been wanting to start and he has shown signs of ready"ness". He'll tell me when he's poopy and wants changed and shows interest in the toilet wanting to flush and so on. But last night out of the blue he goes into the bathroom and turns on the light. I go in after him and he had his diaper off and his little seat down on the toilet and he was trying to get on the seat. I noticed below that he had already gone peepee on the floor right next to the toilet. I couldn't believe that he actually knew he had to go and went in by himself to go potty! Even though he obviously missed the toilet, I was SO PROUD. So I know he's definitely ready and we are going to go buy big boy undies and treats and stickers and we'll make a cute potty chart today! Wish us luck!


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Good luck, potty training is so fun lol. Let me know if you want that potty chair because I'm obviously not using it... :)

ashley b said...

good luck! it is definitely worth waiting until he shows he's interested. when gage was two we got a lot of pressure from some family members that he SHOULD be potty trained already. so being all intimidated i gave it a shot and it was a NIGHTMARE! plus i think it slowed him down big time. i finally just gave it up and decided to wait til he was wasn't until he was almost 3 that he showed interest, but once he did it was soooo easy! i decided to do the same with garrett, and having a big brother must have pushed him along because he pretty much potty trained himself just a few months after turning two. so after that novel, good luck! if he seems interested i bet you'll have an easy time of it!