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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black River...

Okay so I didn't go on the Black River trip so I can't tell you exactly how it went but all I know is that Spencer said he had a GREAT time. My dad and his family have been fishing at black river ever since I can remember. They go every year around May and it is an all guys trip. My dad has taken me there a couple of times and all I can say is that you definitely catch fish. Spenc said he caught about 140 fish the 2 days he was there. Of course he let most of them go and they would fry the rest for dinner at nights. They catch mostly bass and some cat fish. Spencer took his old mission camera with him and took some pictures...

My dad fishing

My Uncle Sean fishing

Spenc fishing

Justin fishing with my Dad and Uncle Sean in the backround

Justin with a fish and my Dad

I guess there were caves up that mountain, you can see a bunch of guys climbing up

This is my brother Tanner on the right and one of my cousins with him, they are jumping in the river :)

And heres a picture of Tanner at camp

Okay so they always come back with stories and some scary scenarios. Sometimes its bears but in this case its snakes. Spencer was talking to my dad while he was fishing one day and as they were talking they heard someone fall behind them. When they looked back they saw my cousin Landon which is about 9 years old. He pointed to a rattle snake that was seriously inches from Spencers foot. After Landon fell it started to rattle and they got out of there quick. Landon says that it lunged at him but no one else saw. The weird thing is that it didn't rattle the entire time Spencer was standing near it and he said he was there for a good 10-15 minutes. Could you imagine if someone got bit by a rattle snake out there? They are at least 2 hours away from any hospital. So scary. They also don't have any service out there so we don't hear from anybody the whole entire time they are there. I hate it cause I worry and I always have a ton to tell Spenc by the end of the day but Spencer said it is such a relief not to have his phone with him. The day before he left he had 70 phone calls. With work and everything else he is on the phone a TON. He loved the escape and really I can't blame him, I'm sure I'd love it as well. I'm so glad they had fun and more importantly I'm glad they are all home safe and sound!!! 

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Corinne and Justin said...

I love the pics of Justin!! Im so glad Spenc took some!