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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Pictures always turn out better when your having fun at the park. And that's where we spend most of our we will have tons of park pictures this year Im sure haha. I feel like I mostly take pictures of Lylah...BUT how am I supposed to take a picture of Preston when he's running a million miles a minute and when I yell at him to look at me he runs faster away? I used to be able to chase him down and get some pics but now I have Lylah in my arms...difficult I tell ya! I'm gonna work on it though :).

Preston LOVES to play with the neighbor boys and what makes it even more fun is that she had a baby girl about 3 months after I had Lylah. They will be good friends too! Not to mention that I love Shanna...SO glad were neighbors! So here is Lylah and Emma!

She looks so big sitting up in the stroller!!! Can't believe how fast time is going...

It's February! The love month :)...I gotta start thinking about what to do for Valentines!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I love Lylah's outfit and her smiles!!