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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I NEED organization!...

I'm a procrastinator. And lately it's gotten worse. Well yesterday I had waited until the last possible day to get some posters made for YW's that needed to be done by 6. I didn't plan on Preston being completely sick. He had a fever at a high of 102.2 and was just a miserable little guy. I was so completely stressed trying to get posters made while my baby was crying in my lap. Why do I do this to myself? I had over a week of time to get those posters done and if I would have I could have spent all my time and focus on my sick baby. Sometimes I really get frustrated with myself. I finished those posters at exactly 6. I was a few minutes late to the church.

I need an organized life. How do you keep yourself organized? Do you schedule yourself something in your house to really clean everyday? So that by the end of the week you don't have to clean i do. Do you schedule out meals for the week? Please suggest anything...I need ideas and help. I feel as if life is spinning out of control sometimes. 

I feel like lately I've been a debbie downer and I complain a lot on my blog. Sorry. I really am pretty happy. Last night Spencer brought home cupcakes...YUM. And even though my baby is sick I got to cuddle him LOTS yesterday and I loved it. He has been pretty clingy and wants to be with me ALL the time...I love that too. He gets SO excited to take medicine...he loves it haha. 

And I LOVE tickling this boy. His laugh is the cutest thing. 

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