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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I LOVE being in YW's. Last night one of our Beehives, Hayden, was in the play Peter Pan and Wendy. We were able to get our entire group tickets so that we could go and watch her. It was SO fun! And Miss Hayden was the cutest mermaid I think I've ever seen. She was awesome!

Our Beehives! Aren't they adorable? We have such a good looking group :)...Out of sixteen girls only 3 weren't able to come so we had a great turn out. 

Here's us leaders that were able to make it. Yes with 13 girls we needed 4 leaders haha. They sure give us a run for our money at times but I just love these girls SO much! And I just LOVE getting to know the other leaders as well. We have such a fun group!

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Kate said...

Cute pictures! I'm sad I missed it but happy you all had a great time anyway. We do have a great calling- I agree :)