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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Stages...

Preston sleeps through the night, eats real food with utensils, can run and walk, starting to talk, knows what he wants and makes sure we know it, he has the funniest personality and just adores his dada. 

No more waking up in the middle of the night to eat, carrying around heavy car seats, finding a place to breast feed or warming up bottles, but there's hardly any more cuddle time or leaving him to smile in his swing.

He's growing up. And I remember saying a million times that he wasn't allowed to grow up. That I could keep him in this "stage" for forever. But then he does grow up...and then I fall in love with that "new" stage and I swear I could keep him in that "new" stage for forever. Haha this happens about a bazillion times...

I've FINALLY come to the realization that it's okay for him to grow up. It's okay for him to learn new things. Because I LOVE these new stages. Boy did I love this kid when he was a baby but there's no way I would switch the stage he is in right now for any other! He's soooo fun and completely hilarious.

I'm so enjoying this time in my life. There are so many things not going my way right, the sickies coming and staying in my home for forever BUT there are so many things that are. I am truly blessed.

We tried to get a "posing" shot of his outfit the other day cause I thought he looked super cute but these are what we got haha!


Kay and Krystal said...

He is so adorable and always looks so happy!! I love it!

Corinne and Justin said...

Okay, I love that new shirt on him! Its soo cute! and I just love that boy, he really is so hilarious!