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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family Fun...

Yesterday a lot of my family ended up being in town and we all met up at my Grandparents. It was a lot of fun to chat and catch up with everyone :). We managed to have all of my grandparents "great" grandbabies there and we were able to get a picture of them all together, plus my 2 youngest cousins. 

The 2 older girls ( Veronica and Vanessa ) are actually my cousins but they are so cute and sweet and played so good with all the little ones and it wouldn't be a picture without them in it!

I didn't take very many pictures but I was able to capture Preston and Porter tackling Vanessa :)

And Grandma holding little Kamden...

It was a lot of fun and I wish we could all get together more often!


Corinne and Justin said...

I had to still some pictures from you.. ha! But im glad we went over there it was fun!!

Kay and Krystal said...

Such cute kids... Isn't it crazy that he is almost 2!? Time goes so neat that you have another little one on the way though :)