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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My BIG boy...

Last night I was thinking about how BIG my baby was. He's such a smart kid and totally understands what we tell or ask him to do. He's still just saying a few words but I've never written them down or tried counting how many words he could say. So I thought I had better start documenting this kind of stuff! Preston will be 23 months in just a little over a week and here are the words he says...

  1. Mama
  2. Dada 
  3. ball
  4. bubble
  5. go 
  6. no 
  7. tree
  8. cheese
  9. bye
  10. hi
  11. ya
  12. teeth
  13. rock
  14. Nana (banana)
  15. wow
  16. yuck
  17. big
Not that many. haha its funny cause I know he knows what things are but he just wont say them. If I ask him any of his facial parts ( nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, cheeks, ears, head, hair ) he can point to them real quick. I can ask him to get his own shoes and clothes and he gets the right stuff. I'm really not worried about him being behind because I feel like he's so smart...he will just start talking more when he wants to I guess! 

Lately everything is a "dada" and he is getting more vocal on stating his opinions with "No" or " Na Uh's". He loves to "Roar" and make "Vroom Vroom" noises. And he's starting to want to sit on the toilet. He hasn't gone in it yet but I'm glad he's not afraid of the toilet...he actually loves to flush. He does tell me when he goes potty right away...he'll come and get me pointing to his bottom. Now if I could only get him to tell me before he already went! I don't want to push him too quick, I want him to be ready before we start to try and potty train but I can tell he's thinking about it. I'm hoping we can get that done before baby #2 comes along.

He LOVES to be outside and really likes to help Spenc do the yard work on Saturday mornings. Our yard is starting to get covered in weeds so that was something they did a lot of that morning. They would pull the weeds and put it in Preston's wagon and dump truck and Preston would push them over to where Spenc was at...he pulled a couple weeds ( and rocks and dirt ) too!

And yes Preston does his yard work in pajamas :)

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Corinne and Justin said...

Preston is such a big boy!! I love when he says words, he has the cutest voice!