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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That...

It is totally getting hot here! Time for me to pack up my winter clothes and getting out the summer ones. We went to the park with Amanda and her cute little kiddos today and we had so much fun. 

I hadn't really noticed until now that Preston's face gets totally red like mine does when he gets hot. It's cute on, not so much haha.

I've had the crafty itch lately and me and my sister made some new ties for our little boys...they turned out ADORABLE...I am in love with them!

I am making a few more with some different fabric and I will have Preston wear them to show them off...( I tried to today but he was SO NOT having that ) They are totally simple and I get TONS of compliments on the one he had before so I'm excited for him to wear some new patterns :)

Update: I've had people ask me how I'm making the ties and I actually found one at a weekend boutique and I bought it so that I could copy it and make my own. Next time I make one ( which will be today or tomorrow ) I will take pics and post a tutorial on my craft blog :)


Amanda Lines said...

those ties are so cute! i want to make some! did you find a pattern??

The Cluffs said...

okay LOVE those ties!!! Will you please teach me, I would love to have more of a variety for church!!

Kay and Krystal said...

That tie is SO cute. The park is so fun, but it is getting so warm out..

Tawny Antelman said...

So cute!! I love the ties, sooo adorable! you should sell those!!!