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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've started to go back to the gym. I used to try and go at night but with this new pregnancy it wasn't possible. Boy do I get sick at nights...and I kept thinking that it should have gone away by now but its not :(. So I tried waking up super early at like 5:30 in the morning and going and that was SO hard for me. I'm prego and I have a wild almost 2 year old. I really need my sleep. So I signed Preston up for the kids club at the gym so I can go around 9 in the morning ( or really any time that I feel like i want to ). Today was the 3rd time we went. Every time we go they end up finding me and telling me to come and get him. He lasted about 40 min...were getting better each time. I'm hoping here pretty soon I can at least stay an hour. At least I'm doing something right? 

This new baby has put mixed emotions in my head. I am SO excited to have another baby. But I really don't want to be a whale all summer long. I am super afraid of gaining any more weight ( i have enough on me as it is ). And it seems like Preston is getting more wild each day. Lately he LOVES to be outside and so I've started to get some sun on my glow in the dark white body and if he starts liking the gym more at least i can be a fit tan whale this summer! haha geez what us women have to do to have these adorable little babies...It is SO worth it all anyways!

P.S.- I'm not an animal lover and this morning I swore against ever having animals. Some stupid dog pooped in my front yard and guess who ran in it? Yes my little munchkin...and his shoe smelt so bad that I was gagging this morning non-stop trying to clean it off. Oh i was so angry I thought about making signs to stick in my grass telling everyone to keep their dumb dogs off! Then I thought again about what people would think and how I would seem like a crazy meany pants. Does pregnancy make you totally emotional, a rambler about non important or irrelevant things and make you a little grouchy towards neighbors who don't pick up their dogs poop? 
Yes...I'm totally blaming these pregnancy hormones!

I have a weird habit of not being able to post without a picture...I don't know it seems so off if I don't. 

I LOVE my crazy munchkin!


The Cluffs said...

He is so stinkin' cute! And I promise it wasn't my dog!! :)

Kay and Krystal said...

Your little guy is SO cute! And the gym is hard enough when your not you are doing GREAT!

Caitlin Jones said...

what?! i didnt know there's a cute little baby in your belly!! congrats sister! so exciting!!