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Monday, April 4, 2011

General YW Meeting...

Last Weekend I was able to attend the General Young Women Meeting. This is a meeting for Young Women and their Moms and the Youth Leaders :).  And since I am a leader I got to go and I am SO glad I did. These meetings always have special meaning to me and touch my heart so deeply. I have to try REALLY hard not to cry when I think about what I could have been. I wasn't always a good example and there are a few points in my life that I regret and wish so bad I could go back in time and be a better friend and stand for truth and righteousness. I have a VERY strong testimony of this church, I know its true and that real happiness comes from living the gospel everyday, serving others, and trying to live how Christ lived. I feel like our Heavenly Father knew how badly I wanted and needed the Young Women Program back in my life. I feel like its only been a few years since I was supposed to be there and I can make up for some lost time. Gosh I love the girls I am working with and I hope and pray I can be someone they can look up to. 

As I was sitting there watching, I noticed how many Young Women and their Mothers were there. I was so proud of how many of my beehives I saw...there is so many things that they could have chosen to do on a Saturday but they were there and so were their great Mothers. I'm so grateful to know that there is a lot of good in the world, it scares me to think about what I'm going to have to raise my children in but then I think about the church and what a HUGE support it is. I can't wait to be sitting there in those meetings with a daughter of my own.

They played this video during the makes me cry every time i watch it.

We watched conference this weekend and there was so much i loved that was said. I'll share some of my favorite parts later in the week :)

Oh and if your interested in reading an awesome blog post about raising girls then go HERE. I agree with everything she said. In this day and age its getting harder for girls ( and boys as well ) and I think we as Mothers have got to be stronger.

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Daniel & Carly Morris said...

Loved this post. I got a bit emotional watching that video as well so thanks for posting it. :) I am SO excited for the talks to come out in print from conference this past weekend! LOVED IT