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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cute in a diaper...

Lately its warm. Real hot warm haha. I feel like I may be slacking a little but Preston rarely has clothes on when we are home...sometimes its just a diaper and other times he may have a shirt on. And when he wants to play outside its sunscreen, shoes, and a diaper haha. 

Of course if we go anywhere I will at least get him dressed. So I was thinking the other day about how easy boys are. He just needs be somewhat clean and have cute matching clothes on to look cute ( we don't even need to comb his hair most of the time ). It helps that he's adorable without me doing anything though ;).

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Daniel & Carly Morris said...

Haha..this post sounds so much like Dallin and me. Right now, even as I'm typing this, we are both not completely dressed for the day, I don't have my hair/makeup done and he's in a diaper and his pj shirt. lol. We have many laid back days of playing in a small little tub of water on our porch (to help with the heat!) or walking to the park outside our door and playing in the sand. Boys are so much fun! :)