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Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday was the official "I'm gonna be a mess" day. Not only did Preston spill water and milk on the floor, empty the bag of goldfish on the floor, break a glass cup on the tile...he also poured his bowl of cereal on top of his head. I decided ( or should I say baby #2 decided ) that Jimmy Johns was not the lunch of choice and we had to spend the rest of the afternoon getting rid of it. And while that was happening ( 1 out of the 100 times it did happen yesterday ) I had just let Preston out back to play. I had forgotten that I left the gate open so when I went outside to get him he was out front in my driveway. GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK. Needless to say...I am SO glad yesterday is OVER and today is FRIDAY. It's gonna be a better day...I can feel it :). 

One of the good things that happened yesterday though was around 7pm. I was starting to feel better and Preston was all clean and freshly bathed. I had to whip up some cookies for Spenc to take to his home teaching families and Preston sat on the counter and helped me. 

Of course helping meant licking all the dough off of the blender whisks. :).

Thank Goodness Its Friday! I'm so excited for Conference this weekend...I love a good lazy, relaxing, inspirational weekend plus good food. Hmmm....what should I make!?

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Daniel & Carly Morris said...

Haha...I can't help laughing at this post cuz I know exactly how your "yesterday" goes sometimes!! Sometimes you want to scream, laugh and cry at the same time. :) Aren't our little boys so sweet and fun?! lol. Sometimes when Dallin does the most frustrating stuff, I turn to look at him....and I just melt. haha. Yes, I know today will be a better day for you :) And you'll have a rockin' night with some cool people too! ;-) Oh..and I completely agree! I LOVE conference weekend. Custom and tradition say it's "make lots of goodies and buy yummy treats at the $1 store to enjoy during each conference session!" time. :D good luck with today!!