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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dada's Office...

Preston has been begging to go see dada's office for the last couple of weeks. So I finally made the drive out to Tempe yesterday and we brought Spenc lunch. Lylah sure was excited to see him as well!

You know how they say a daddy is a girls first love? Well Lylah is in love with her daddy! She gets sooo excited to see him and whenever he's talking she thinks he's talking to her. And it looks like she has Spencer's cheeks in this picture...I love that girl. And that sexy man holding her ;).

They have a big warehouse in the back that someone rents out and stores cars there. Preston was in heaven. He's obsessed with trucks right now...even if they are pink haha!

Grandpa took him over to another suite to meet another guy who has a cool car. I guess this guy collects model cars as well and seriously has them all. Preston was naming of each kind of car...mustang, gt, farrari, corvette, viper, trucks...he seriously knows them all. Its crazy how smart he is and how much he knows about cars! I don't think I've ever met a little boy so obsessed haha! I love it and i think he is just adorable.

After we left we had to stop by Hobby Lobby so I could take some things back and look around for Lylah's room. ( By the way I am done with the walls in her room...all i need to do is finish her bedding and its complete!!! YAY!!! ) Preston was tired...and bored...and this was the result...

Poor kid is really too big for this stroller...I'm dying for a Phil and Teds. Why do they have to be SOO expensive!!!

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