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Friday, February 24, 2012

Denim Jumpers and Sandals...

Yesterday was a long day. I watched a little girl from my ward, she's a sweetie but shes 2. I had two two year olds and a 5 month old baby. It was busy over here but it was fun too. Preston was so excited to have a friend over and except for the occasional fighting over toys they played pretty well together. Good thing cause she'll be coming over every thursday for a little while. They pretty much wanted to play in the backyard all day long. And they wanted pushed on the swings 90% of the time. Sometimes I regret putting swings in the backyard haha. Here are a few shots of them playing...

We also met our neighbors at a park later that afternoon. Preston had a fun filled day and had a friend to play with constantly. He was a happy boy. 

Oh and its warm here. Like denim jumper and sweet sandals warm :)

Don't these pictures just make you want to squeeze her and never let go!?

I don't think I've ever loved a double chin as much as this one...

I LOVE that its warm enough for Lylah to wear these kinds of clothes. I love seeing all her rolls. It's too cute and makes me want to squeeze her all day long!

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