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Saturday, April 10, 2010

At the Pool...

This week has come and gone SO FAST.

Actually let me rephrase that...the last 3 weeks have come and gone SO FAST. I cant believe that my family already left this morning. Ive spent the last 3 weeks with them and i have enjoyed every bit of it. Im really going to miss them a TON. And I know Preston is going to be like " where is everybody"...he really had tons of fun hanging out with all of them.

We really had a lot of fun...of course i wasnt that great about taking pictures like i said i was going to be...dang it. But i did take my camera when we went to the pool. We went to my grandmas senior community pool ( cause its heated ) and it felt so nice to be out in the sun and work on a little tan...Preston got some great color ( not red at all ) and of course I got red...i think preston is going to take after the coons skin and will be able to get tan easily...I just hope he gets my complexsion. Well see!

I loved this picture of Preston and Court...They both look super cute! I cant tell you how much Ive enjoyed having my family around...they are so funny, so helpful, and we all just get along SO WELL. If i could have one wish right now it would be that we all lived closer. I couldnt tell you how happy that would make me.

Preston had tons of fun with grandma! I told myself that i would take some really cute pictures of the two of them and did i do it? Nope. Im pretty mad at myself for not doing it. But they just love eachother and I know Preston will be missing his Grandma Bigelow TONS.

We love you Dad, Mom, Tanner and Courtney...And we miss you SO MUCH already!

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