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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend in Flagstaff...

Preston LOVES to walk. Though he wont walk on his own haha he just wants to push something to where he wants to go whether it be my kitchen chairs or his toys...but either way HE DOES get where he wants to go. And if he gets stuck or crashes boy does he get upset. He has a little bit of a temper this one does haha.

He also wants to move around in the bathtub and try and drink the water no matter how many times i tell him no and stop him. Im having the hardest time with "no" right now. Hell get in some kind of trouble and ill tell him no and hell look right up at me with the cutest biggest smile and i cant help but smile and laugh, doesnt matter how hard i try and do it, i always cave! And then he smile and laughs and it turns into a game...

Well Flagstaff wasnt all that we hoped it would be but we were able to go and visit my Aunt Merrie and Uncle Heath while we were there...we visited and played games. Their nephew and his wife Rhet and Nicole were there also and they are alot of fun! They have a little girl that is the same age as Heath and Merries and it was so fun to watch them play together...they would even talk to eachother in like a secret language! haha it was adorable! Oh how i wish Preston had someone his age to play with!

Well were home now and Ive been really busy. We have family pictures scheduled for saturday and Im SO excited! We need them badly! Oh and p.s. I found the cutest outfit for my pictures at Designer boutique on higley and queen creek, they have a sale right now for 30% off your entire purchase untill wednesday! I snagged a great deal!


Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I'm sorry your trip wasn't very relaxing. If it makes you feel any better I know exactly how you feel! Last time we were up there the very first thing I had to do is clean out a lot of the frig because it reeked so so bad! (we had to do that on our honeymoon as well because someone left very old milk in there that somehow exploded all inside of the frig!)

-Just to clear our names, I know for a fact that we weren't the last ones up there...just saying :)

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

where the heck was i when you went shopping??? lol sorry about your weekend girl! at least you were in cooler weather? ive been DYING HERE!