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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Visiting Brandi...

Raycer Jaxx Kakavas

I have been dying to go to the Maricopa Hospital to visit Brandi and Raycer! She was airvacked to the valley the day I flew out to Utah so I couldnt come and see them untill I got back. Luckily I was able to go on Monday and see that adorable little boy. And when I say little I mean tiny...brandi said he was only 4 lbs 1 oz. He is so perfect looking and is getting healthier every day. I am so very thankful things worked out and mommy and baby are doing so well. We just love the kakavas family!

Isnt Brandi just gorgeous!? Im just so jealous of how tiny and beautiful she looks after having her 3rd baby!

Holding that tiny baby made me a little baby hungry again...though Im sure I can wait a little longer. haha. The only way i could go and see her was to take my little brother Tanner with me so that he could watch Preston in the waiting room while I went in and saw them. I guess Preston wasnt that good haha and Tanner said it was a learning "experience". I felt pretty bad especially walking up to them and seeing all the bread Preston had thrown everywhere and Tanners face when he handed preston over haha! Tanner said there was an older lady sitting behind him and he could tell she was talking about him when she said " Kids are getting younger and younger having babys! " and then " I wonder where his wife is! " haha poor Tanner. He says hes definantly not ready for a baby....HAHA I think i need to let all teenagers watch Preston for an hour and scare them out of doing things they shouldnt! ( Not that Tanner is a bad all! ) Tanner really is sooo good with Preston and Im so thankful he was willing to watch him for me. He really is the best little uncle!

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Brandi said...

OH thanks so much again for coming to see us. I will agree that he is perfect and tiny:) Can't wait to see you this week for dinner one day! Love you girlly. oh and i enjoyed seeing your little chunky preston in person! i just love him