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Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Elena...

Me and Preston totally have a new buddy! Me and Elena are both in nursery together and decided to go on walks in the early mornings, at like 6:30 every morning. Its been SO fun. I have really missed being able to have a social life and talk to someone my own age haha. But weve actually been hanging out a couple of days during the week when she gets off from work. It really has been hard to find people to hang with, either they arent married or dont have kids and its hard to find common things to do with me bringing along a baby OR i have a few friends who have kiddos too but its so hard to get our schedules together because things get crazy!  ( Besides my sweet sister who has pretty much been my only friend that hangs out with me! I LOVE her so much! ) Well elena is single and no kiddos but LOVES my preston and loves kids in general. Its actually nice talking about her dating and single life since my life is consumed of diapers and cleaning supplies and what to make for dinner.

Not to mention that Preston really does love her too. He has her wrapped around his little finger and he loves it haha.

Yay for good friends! We love Elena!

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Brandi said...

oh i am so glad you have a great friend to do things with. it really is so hard to find. i am so sad we dont live closer. i miss my chelsea. lets plan some fun things this summer when rayce is bigger.