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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter...

Isnt his reaction to his basket priceless? I love this picture...he was so very excited to wake up to a new toy sunday morning.

I dont know about other familys but my family always got candy plus a little something extra in our basket...some kind of toy when we were little or money when we got older. I of course stuck to my tradition and since preston doesnt really eat candy he just got some little toys and bunny ears in his basket this year. I did get Spencer a little something this year...weve never done it for eachother before but Ive been gone and just did it to show how ive missed him and how thankful i am he let us go. He just got a new shirt and some candy!

We watched the morning session of conference at our house and then right when it was over we ran to my grandparents and had easter lunch with them....steak and potatoes, salad and rolls...mmm mmm it was dang good. After lunch we watched the 2nd half of conference and then visited with my family untill about 430. Then we went to Spencers parents house for dinner and read the story of the reserection in Luke. It was really nice getting together with both familys...we had a great day!

Preston is almost walking! He can stand up by you can kinda tell in the picture above. He is just getting too big...hell be one is less than a month.. i really just cant believe it. We had him wear his bunny ears to both of our familys houses...he looked adorable but it wasnt really his favorite thing to wear haha. Spencer kept telling me to get those things off his little boy! haha

Hope you all had a Great Easter Sunday! Love...the Coons!


Brandi said...

OH chels i just love him. He is so cute! and you have such a cute little family! miss you too

Corinne and Justin said...

Easter was so fun! Im glad we were all together! Preston looked to cute, even as a bunny! ha!