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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, April 5, 2010

Were Back!!!

We are finally back home with Spencer! We arrived saturday around 4:30...we had an awesome trip but we sure did miss Spenc. With Easter on sunday and part of my family still here with me in arizona I havent had time to post untill now...Easter pics to come soon!

 It was so nice to get away from it all and have no worries, I seriously just had time to relax and laugh...I had a ton of helpers with preston... so it REALLY felt like a vacation haha. I was there for 12 days and I really didnt take very many pictures :(...Im usually pretty good and I did take some but I wish I would have taken more of my dad with Preston and even my mom with mom is still here with me though so ill make sure and do that. Well some of our highlights of our trip were:

  1. Preston was SO parents got him a crip to stay at there house, toys, clothes and pretty much whatever else he wanted haha...he loved it!
  2. Chloe ( my parents dog )...Preston loves her to death and just wanted to be her best friend the entire time. Im not much of a dog fan but I really do love her...she lets him hit her and take her toys...shes honestly the best dog i have ever seen with children.
  3. Grandpa let preston eat ice cream, played with him, read to him, let him drive and would give him any bites of food that he wanted haha He loves his grandpa

4.   We saw cousin Aaron...Preston got a little beat up haha but they had fun and it was so nice to visit with the Jensen Family.
5.   It was the best to be able to suprise my mom...she had no idea and it was sooo fun! Preston loves grandma to peices and got TONS of hugs and kisses!

6.   We were able to go to Courtneys Volleyball tournament that saturday and it was a blast to watch her play. She is amazing at every sport she so jealous of how athletic she is. Her team won that tournament!

7.  Courtney was so good with Preston and had tons of fun making him laugh...I had a blast staying up late with her...having sister to sister talks, playing mario, and watching girly movies...oh how i love my sister, i miss her tons!

8.   We met up with my friend whitney! We played games at the arcade, she helped courtney with her batting swing ( Courtney had softball tryouts the next day and Whit plays softball for the BYU team ). She is so fun and so sweet. I love being able to catch up with her while im in utah!

9.   Tanner is hilarious...Im serious he made me laugh the entire time. Hes so fun to be around and is great with Preston ( as long as hes not crying haha ) He makes preston laugh all the time...He loves that crazy uncle so much!...and so do I!

10.   We spent alot of time at my parents since the weather was pretty was actually really nice to sit by the fire and talk and play with Preston. One of his favorites was playing in the hamper with grandma and grandpa. It was his " boat " and hed drive back and forth...he had a blast!

11.   We went to a scrapbooking expo and it was soo cool. There were a ton of fun stuff to look at and great ideas. I found the cutest watch i have ever seen and me and my mom had to buy them! We have matching watches now and we love them!

12.   I got my hair done by my cousin Sydnee and it looks so super cute! She did an awesome job!

We did alot more but Ill just mention those...I love my family and Im so very grateful I got to spend all that time with them. I really wish I could spend my days with my mom like i did for that week, i would give anything to be closer but i guess that will do for now.


Brandi said...

So cute chels! I am so glad that you got to spend so much time with your mom! I loved seeing you yesterday and would love for you to email me the pictures from the hospital. Love ya

Orin, Minette and Sadie Packard said...

I am glad you got to spend sometime with your family, especially your mom! I loved seeing all of the fun and cute pictures too! Your family is just so cute! It was cool to see pictures of Whitney too cause I haven't seen her forever...remember the fun times we had in Mr. Permar's class? Haha! Anyways, I am glad you had a fun and safe trip and that you had a good Easter too! Preston was so cute in his bunny ears! So sweet! :)