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Friday, July 2, 2010

At 4 o'clock am...

Spencer talked me into getting up early with him at 4 in the morning to go to the lake with him and his brother danny. Once morning hit I was so not happy about getting up but we ended up having a good time. 

Here's Preston with his cool shades on! 

Oh how I wish I had a better camera...these pictures were the best I could do with what I have. This one is of Spenc...

This one is of Spencer too...this was my favorite one...he caught some good air and landed the trick but I also love the mountains in the backround ha. 

This is Danny...I know the pic is a little blurry but I liked the way the trick looked in this one!

Preston fell asleep for about 40 min...I couldn't believe he slept through the loud music and the bumpy waves but he did...he must have been sooo tired. 

And when he woke up he played with Daddy and Uncle Dan!

We can't keep Preston away from the steering wheel so this is a classic picture of Preston and Spenc on the boat...I think we have like 20 of these pictures haha.

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Kacie said...

Preston is a doll! Seriously. When I have a babby boy I hope I have one as cute as the kid! ADORABLE!