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Friday, July 23, 2010

SL Last Days...

Saturday we had to get out of the house again so we ran up to walmart to get a few things and then went to this new deli place up in lakeside that was supposed to be kind of like "high in the pines" that used to be in Show Low.

At Walmart Preston rode a bull...we thought he'd be way excited and just love it but that was the biggest smile we got haha sometimes I get no emotion out of this kid!

This was at the Deli place...I can't remember what it was called but it was delish! Not exactly like high in the pines but they have very good sandwiches. I got a turkey sandwich on a croissant...mmmmm! Preston was pretty grouchy and tired while we were there...Court took him outside to play and then held him when they came back in...gosh my sisters are a huge help with him! 

Then on the way home one of Corinne's favorite songs came on and they jammed out and had a concert for Preston...

He absolutely loved it!

And even started Dancing!!!

That night we had a birthday party for my aunt debi...Veronica and Vanessa were over and they were playing with Preston. They were pushing him around on his train and then Preston started pushing Vanessa! It was pretty funny and he was actually strong enough to do it. Such a silly boy...

Sunday we went to my Grandma Bigelows house in snowflake. She has a dog that's super friendly and Preston just loved her! 

Preston watched a movie while we visited...

And we tried getting a picture with grandma but it didn't work too well!

And on Monday, our last day, we pretty much just chilled and watched the bachelorette that night. Preston was pretty into it haha!

Overall we had a lot of fun and it was super nice to get out of the heat and be able to spend our days outside instead of cooped up in the house! We always miss Spencer when were gone though and we were very excited to be back home with him. This weekend we are escaping again to Flagstaff but this time Spenc is coming with!

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