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Monday, July 12, 2010

My poor sicky...

Last week Preston started getting his molars so he had a high fever, runny nose, loss of appetite...etc. Then he caught a cough that turned into the croup and when I took him to the doctor this morning to have him looked at they noticed he was starting to get ear infections! Gosh poor baby...He's had a hard time but he somehow found some energy today and was way excited when i gave him his cheesy puffs and let him hold the can by himself. haha ( don't worry it was like a 1/3 full ). He took it straight to "his" rocking chair, got comfy and enjoyed it.

His personality is really coming out and its so funny to me how particular he is. When I sit his cup on his tray with his lunch or dinner he makes sure that after he takes a drink he puts it back in the same spot. And today as he was trying to get in his chair he spilled some of his snack and he got down and put it all back ( except a few that he stuffed in his mouth ) but he really pays attention to where things go and he likes to put those things back haha. I'm kinda thinking he will be my clean organized kid...time will tell!

He also is such a good sharer with his food. Whenever hes eating something he wants to give us some too! Today while he was enjoying his snack I was laying on the couch watching him and talking to my mom on the phone. I started smiling at him and he got excited and got down from his chair and walked over to me with one of his puffs and stuck it in my mouth! haha! You can't refuse his snacks either...he gets sad or hell shove it so hard it smears all over your face. I'm just glad hes learning how to share!!!

He's still as goofy as ever and likes to have all attention on him and to make us laugh. He also learned how to pretend to get in trouble...the picture above he was staring at me and acting like he was going to throw his snacks all over the ground and I said " No Preston " and he stops and puts on a HUGE grin. Gosh...could I love him anymore!?

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