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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Courtneys Here!...

Wow I've been slacking lately...Well I do have good reason! My sister Courtney is here visiting and playing with me and Corinne! She'll be here until next wednesday and I am loving all this time with her. Boy do I wish they lived closer...distance sucks. Well she hurt her foot pretty bad before she came so she's kinda been our little gimp and we can't do much thats active...which is totally not courtney so we've been trying to come up with some things to do. We made her a school bag which turned out completely adorable...I'll take a picture and post it before she leaves. And other than that weve been playing games and watching movies and laughing at Preston. 

Yesterday we took her to urgent care cause her foot was swelling really bad and not getting better. The Doc said she has a bad infection and should have gone in the day it happened and got stitches but it was too late for that now. So shes on antibiotic and will hopefully get better before volleyball next week! But she cant really walk on it so while in target she rode in the cart! haha Preston didn't know what to think but I'm sure he liked the company ha.

Well today we are going to do another craft and hang out with Corinne! I'm excited!

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