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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date Night...

Spencer had gotten us some Diamondback all you can eat tickets for last night with some friends. We were planning on going as a family but Preston came down with an evil cough :( So grandma Coon watched him while we went. We went with a lot of the Anderson Family...Brandon and Dawn, Sunshine, Aaron and Katie, Josh and Jennifer, and Shawn and Angie. I sat and visited with Dawn and Sunshine pretty much the entire time and I loved it. Oh how I miss just chatting with the girls! And as much as i missed my sweet little boy it was kinda nice not having to deal with keeping him happy haha. So it ended up being a date night...which is SO unusual for us but it was fun!

Funny Story. We got back from the game to only Kristy being home. She was holding her hand and I asked her if she was okay and she said "No I burnt myself!" and I said "Oh I'm sorry Kristy, how did you do that?" She then began to explain that she was cooking eggs for Lacy ( their dog ). She went on to say " I just don't know what to do with her...Shes just such a picky eater. " Haha Oh how I love that girl! Shes sooo sweet and funny!

Well a little bit more on Preston. He's been teething...he's got a couple molars poking through now! He's had a real hard time with these teeth...high fevers, runny nose, really sleepy. And then to top it off he caught a cough. I was really worried about it yesterday cause it sounded a little like the whooping cough. But its gotten a TON better today. Thank Goodness!

 Us with Brandon, Dawn and Saylor at the Dbacks game!!

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*Tawny* said...

also to the comment on ur last post... Thanks for all your very sweet comments on my blog/facebook :) Your so sweet!

We missed you and coon. we got to see zach and Lauren and I tried to convice lauren she needs to get a blog. Work on her :) ha