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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing with Mom...

Yesterdays post = stressed, overwhelmed and not so happy
Today I'm feeling better...I got it all out of my system by writing it and talking it all out with my sweet hubby. Last night Spencer had school so it was just me and my home boy (presty) until like 830 ( which is good usually on school nights he doesn't get home until 930 ). After a long day of trying to find safe sippys in 115 degree weather ( honestly wed both be beat red and sweating just from going from the car to the inside of a store ) we came home and read books and played on the floor. I would lay there on the floor and Preston loved it, all he wanted to do was attack me. Pull my hair, bite my cheek ( ouch! ), climb right on to my head...hes a crazy boy ( but oh so sweet as well! ).

We'll be buddys forever!!!
 Love you Preston.

Is he calling me a loser!? Wow...I'm sure I'll never be cool enough for him haha!

Preston just backs up to wherever i am and trys to sit down...right on top of im in his way or something haha. Thats why hes like right in front of me in those last 2 pictures. 

Okay I love these next 3 pictures...Preston loves finding phones and remotes to talk into. He'll put it up to his ear and say hello ( i think hes saying it...sometimes its a little jumbled ha ), hi, or dada. He seems to want to call his dada alot during the day :). 

I also am in LOVE with this chair. It was mine when I was little and I was excited when my mom gave it to me about a year ago. But Preston adores it now and will climb in it and rock himself, talk on his phone, drink his drink and even watch some tv. Its adorable.

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