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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Show Low Day 1...

I thought I'd post all of mine and Preston's trip to Show Low in one post but I ended up taking A LOT of pictures and we actually did a lot of things while we were there that are worth talking about! We woke up Thursday morning and left around 7 am and went straight to Snowflake to see my friend Kacie that I honestly haven't seen for 5 years! It was SO nice to see her and meet her beautiful little girls ( that i totally failed to get a picture of...bummer! ) But we went to her house and then we went and ate at Eva's which I LOVE! Best mexican food on the Mountains for sure. I had such an awesome time chatting and catching up with her...I miss you Kacie!!

Neither of these pictures turned out very well but I love that I actually took them because I never remember to take pictures with my friends and who knows when we will get together again!

Then after lunch we headed to Show Low and went to Brandi's house! She got a bunch of toys out and the kids played while we visited! It was a blast. I loved that Preston got to play with some kids ( since he doesn't hardly ever get to ) and I love my Brandi and we always have a good time no matter what!

Here are some pics of Preston playing with Sydnee and Tytan! Boy did they make a mess but they had fun and that's all that matters! Brandi's kid's are sooo cute and sweet! We love them! And we also love little Raycer...he is just sooo precious! 

My mom totally looks cute in this pic...and Preston never smiles when I want him too haha but he was very excited to see Grandma, Uncle Tanner, and Aunt Court! 

After we left Brandi's we went to my Grandparents house where me and my family were all staying!

Preston immediately started showing off his walking skills and then dragged everyone around to where he wanted to go. My Grandparents have a huge nice deck that we stayed out on as late as we could and visited...the weather was perfect and rained every favorite...I was in heaven! 

To say the least we were " Pooped " by the end of the day!

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