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Monday, October 4, 2010

Blast from the Past...

Today I was looking for my Patriarchal Blessing and came across some old pictures of my Junior High and High School days and I thought they were funny and cute so I'll post a few :)

My junior high birthday party...we ate ice cream with just our faces ha

A bunch of us during lunch one day...don't we look like babies?

And this is my first and only hunt. Yes I killed that deer...I can't say that it was the funnest thing I've ever done but I loved spending so much time with my Dad. He loves hunting and I love that I got to share that with him!

We thought it was funny to put lingerie on over our clothes in walmart...I lived in Show Low okay? Things like this were fun and entertaining haha!

Okay so a couple of my High School dance pics...Well to make a long story short I had a "serious" boyfriend in highschool...It didn't work out ( it rarely does even when you swear it will haha wow was I young and pretty stupid ) Anyways I met the love of my life and ended up throwing all my pics away that had my ex in them so I hardly have any dance pictures which is kinda sad now. I wish I wouldnt have thrown them out...kinda stupid but what can you do haha!

So this one was homecoming my junior year...Ya my hair is HORRIBLE...I don't know what I was thinking and why I didn't move it out of my eyes is beyond me!

And this one is Prom my sophmore year...I turned 16 that year and was able to go! I went with my friend was fun!

And I actually started Cosmetology wasn't for me and I didn't finish but I'm glad I learned some of it so I can cut Spencer and Prestons hair!

Well that's it for now!...

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