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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Navy...

This is Preston when he wakes up, he's usually really happy :). So I've kind of been in a blogger's rut and I don't really know or have anything to blog about lately. Things here have been the same old stuff except that I was sick AGAIN last night. I'm never sick and now I've been sick 2 in like 2 weeks...gross. Anyways yesterday me and my sister went to Old Navy and I had to blog about what an AWESOME deal we got! I got sent a coupon for "Buy an adult item, get a childs item FREE"

You have to use your Old navy credit card but Its seriously an amazing deal. Look how much I saved yesterday...

Circled in yellow is the before price and circled in blue is the after. So lets do the math 114.80-47.21=67.59! I saved well over half price! I got Preston some winter/snow stuff since its pricey and well need it in a few months when we go to Flagstaff and hopefully Utah. His jacket was regularly 40.00 ( on sale for 30.00 ) and I got it for FREE!  I got him some snow boots regularly 25.00 for FREE and then I got him a cute beanie and gloves regularly 16.50 for FREE!

I'm going back today. haha you can use sale adult items as well but not clearance SO I'm going there and finding cheap stocking stuffers ( for me and spenc ) so I can get Preston some nice free stuff! I'm excited...I'll show you what kind of deal I can get today...YAY!

The deal ends tomorrow so if you want to go then HURRY!

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Corinne and Justin said...

I love Old Navy! We got the greatest deals!