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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving...

Instead of carving Preston's pumpkin I decided to have him color it with washable markers and then let him put stickers on it. He had such a good time! 

Good thing we got washable markers because he also thought it would be fun to color his highchair as well :)

He thought it was sooo fun to put stickers on his pumpkin

And this is his finished pumpkin! Isn't it adorable!?

Danny and Alyssa came over last night and we carved out pumpkins! Alyssa found some cute patterns online that we printed out and they were a little harder then we thought they would be haha!

I look seriously horrible but just disregard that fact and enjoy are cute pumpkins :). Danny and Alyssas was a cute Frankenstein and ours was a skeleton. I actually totally broke ours but pinned him back in place with some sewing pins haha!

Our Skeleton in the dark :)

Our cute pumpkins :) I'm glad Spenc was able to do a little of this with us because I'm so totally sad that I've got to take Preston trunk or treating without him tonight :(. Last night was lots of fun though!!!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

They turned out so cute, even though they were a pain to carve! We had a lot of fun last night. It should become a yearly tradition for us!

p.s. email me some of those pics. I don't really have any "action" pics. of us carving. Thanks!