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Saturday, May 21, 2011

#12- favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day

 Can be anything.

Okay I'm guessing this means my favorite and least favorite part of my "wedding" day. I'm gonna share my least favorite first. Me and Spenc both got letters from the temple explaining what time to be there and what not, well we both thought that it would take the bride longer to get ready so I would just get there first. Well...they don't let you go back or anything until the both of you are there. So I called Spencer that morning ( while I was at the temple ) and he was just eating breakfast taking his sweet little time. I told him our situation and he said he'd leave that second. Well I had to just sit and wait for him to get there...some of my family started showing up and they were all kinda laughing saying "oh did he stand you up" they were kidding but really I didn't think it was that funny. I also had the little temple workers telling me if he didn't get there soon we'd miss our time slot and they were full all day so we would not be able to get married that day. It was stressful and embarrassing. But luckily Spencer came running in just in time and we were married. Yay haha!

Ummm my favorite part of the day...honestly I pretty much loved every part of that day. When we first got sealed, looking at my husbands face and how happy we both were. Our luncheon was amazing and we had tons of family and friends telling stories and giving us advice. It was really touching and meant a lot. The reception was just what I wanted and we had a ton of family and friends there as well. But I think my favorite part of the day was after the sealing and the pictures outside the temple. Me and Spenc left the temple together and we were probably the happiest we had ever been. We were finally married and it was such an incredible feeling. I just really wish I could relive that day.

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Kate said...

That's so sweet Chelsea! I love reading about your big day. It's good that you're writing it down b/c a lot of mine seems like a big blur now :)