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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  • My dishwasher broke about 2 weeks ago...washing every dish by hand is getting old :( hopefully we'll get one soon!
  • Our garbage disposal just broke a couple of days ago and the water barely drains on that side...making doing the dishes seriously unbearable!
  • The fan in Preston's room broke...well the light broke, the fan still works but the light is what we need the most.
  • My tires on my car are sooo of the tires is even making a weird sound. Lovely.

Those are just some of the things we are dealing with over here lately. I hate when dumb things break...and then something else breaks and before you know it we have a list as far as china! But some of the good things around here are...
  • Spencer is done with this semester today! So far we know he finished 2 classes with A's and I'm pretty positive the other 2 classes with be A's too. He's seriously so smart!
  • Spencer qualifies for grant money every year but this year he also got an extra $3000.00 because of his awesome grades from ASU. Thats $7000.00 in free tuition just because he's awesome :)!
  • Preston is learning some new words and getting funnier every day. He knows the word baby now and calls his cousin Kam the baby, we also tell him that mommy has a baby in her tummy. Now he lifts up his shirt and daddys shirt saying baby. Haha we tried telling him that only mommy does but I think we are just confusing him haha. He also says bye to everyone, including our cashiers at stores haha. It's cute!
  • My sister in law Alyssa came over yesterday and helped me paint my headboard! It's cute! Pictures to come!
  • My family is coming up next weekend! Boys are going to black river and us girls are going to have fun here...cant wait!

I took these pics a few weeks ago and never posted...Preston and dada having fun at the park. So glad that we'll have a few weeks ( before summer school starts ) that we can hang out with Spenc when he gets home from work. :)


Kay and Krystal said...

Isn't it so annoying when silly things break, they always seems to break in streaks too. YAY for free money for school, were still waiting to hear on some scholarships for Kay and that is VERY stressful haha. Preston is so cute, and is looking like such a big boy!

Kate said...

Your life sounds like mine- everything breaking and costing money when I'm trying so hard to save for a vacation!
But I love your good-things list too. I have a few of those also :)

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I totally feel for you Chels! Why do things have to break?! It was fun hanging out with you Tuesday, can't wait to see finished pictures of the head board on your bed. Oh and by the way I checked and I do have those thingys ha whatever they are called lol.