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Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving Pumpkins...

Last night, after dinner at the Coon's, we carved our pumpkin. I should probably say Spencer carved our pumpkin haha. It's funny how I get so crazy about traditions, like carving the pumpkin but it always ends up being Spencer who follows through for me and does it. That's what good husbands do right? Yup...I got a good one! ;)

Spencer was being funny and making crazy faces while I was trying to take a picture of him carving, this one was my favorite :)

Here's him trying to decide on a mouth...

Here is what Lylah was doing while we were carving...
Ya, football makes me fall asleep too :)

Me and Spenc...

After Spenc was done carving I went and got Preston and let him clean out the inside a little bit more. Carving pumpkins is not for little kids but they sure do love seeing them afterwords. Preston was soo excited about our pumpkin! He kept saying "yuck" after he'd touch the inside though haha.

And here is all of us with our pumpkin. I was so excited when I saw how this picture turned out. Preston has been so hard to take picture of lately, he just sticks his tongue out and runs away. But we got his real smile in this picture! And Lylah is looking at the camera and I don't look too fat! This is probably my favorite family picture that we have right now :)

Oh and I had to take a close up of Lylah. Two things I love right now...1. Baby Jeggings = serious cuteness and 2. Pair those with white fuzzy boots = ADORABLE"NESS". I love having a girl to play dress up with! And I love that they make fashionable clothes for babies!

Happy Halloween!!!! Can't wait to take Preston Trick or Treating tonight!

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{Bryanna} said...

OHHH my goodness~ Jeggings! How cute is she?! Too cute! Looks like you guys had fun!