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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My funny boy...

Preston has been saying the funniest things lately and I just had to write them down so we won't ever forget what a funny 2 year old boy he is. He talks so much now and I love it. One of the things I love about Preston is that he is so quick to say sorry, thanks, and please. He is such a sweet polite little boy and it just melts my heart. Lately while I am getting ready Preston will come in and look at me and say "Mom, cute". He sure does know how to win someone over that's for sure :).
So when me and Spencer talk to each other he calls me "babe" a lot. Well Preston caught on and starting calling me "babe" too. I was in the kitchen making dinner and Preston was riding his train in there next to me and when he decided to leave the room he said " Bye Babe!" as he waved and grinned the biggest grin you ever saw. I decided to correct him and tell him I was mom and he would just smile and say "No babe". Haha I just love that boy.
One thing about Preston is that he does NOT like to be left behind. If me or Spencer leave and he can't go he just breaks down. And as soon as we come back he will tell us in the saddest voice ever that he "cry" and wants tons of sympathy. He's also been faking a lot of injury's lately to get some attention. This morning during breakfast I was holding Lylah and she kicked her foot out and it hit the table and she starting crying. So Preston pushed his chair out, lifted up his foot and kicked the table and then he'd act all sad. haha oh boy.
Every car is a "fast mustang car" and he is obsessed with "Biiiig Trucks". There is a documentary film on Monster trucks on Netflix and he watches that show everyday.
Lylah got some pink crocs at her baby shower and Preston thinks they are his shoes, they are actually his size and he loves them...even if they are pink ha.

And yes Preston pretty much lives in t-shirts and undies. He's potty trained here at home and has a hard time taking shorts off so we make it easier and he runs around in undies haha.
He loves his cousin Kam and asks about him everyday. This last weekend he asked about Cin and Kam and I told him they were out of town and he just cried. He wanted to "play kam mom" haha.
He also loves to play with his friends across the street, hunter and porter. He will go and look out our front window a million times a day and if they are out there he gets SO excited and comes and begs me to go out and play. I think its cute that he likes to play with others.
He also cant wait for his daddy to come home. He has a fake phone and I hear him talking to "dad" all the time. When I'm on the phone with Spenc, Preston will grab his phone and copy everything I say to him haha. He's sooo funny.
We just couldn't love our Preston anymore then we do already!


Kay and Krystal said...

What a silly boy! Kaidence pretty much lived in just a shirt and undies when she was first potty trained, it was SO much easier than dealing with pants haha. Hope you are doing good!!

KevinandPamelaBigelowFamily said...

That is hilarious! Tanner and I read this post together and laughed and laughed. We sure do miss that funny boy!

Corinne and Justin said...

Preston is SO funny! we just love him! And I am so glad Preston and Kamden play good together :)