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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RS Night...

So I actually ventured out of my house last night and went to a Relief Society night with some of my neighbors. It has seriously been a long while since I have gone to one of those and I am really glad I went. I got to meet a few new ladies that I haven't met yet and I was really inspired to go out and serve as well. I really wanted to share what inspired me so I can come back and read it again on days that I am lazy. Allison Trotter talked about how she never understood why she was born in her circumstances ( which are good ) and others where born in hard circumstances ( such as those in Africa who have nothing ). She also talked about how she could be a hobbit and be quite happy staying in her house all day and clean and take care of her children. Which is just like me, and IS me most days. But she heard this quote (that shes heard many times) but it meant something this time. "Those who have been given much, much is expected." After she read that I had tears in my eyes. I am one of those who has been given much, VERY much. I was born into an incredible family that loved me and taught me so much. I now have a beautiful healthy family that I love more then I can even say. My husband loves me, takes care of me and is my best friend. I have a good education and were able to continue my husbands education. We are lucky enough to own our own house and have good reliable vehicles. My children are beautiful, happy and healthy. Seriously, I have been so lucky. But because I am, there is more expected of me. I shouldn't stay home all day, I need to be out there giving more service to others. So that is my new goal, not waiting for service opportunities to come to me, I need to go out and find them myself. 

I took Lylah with me last night and she slept the whole time and speaking of sleeping I took a super cute picture of her sleeping yesterday morning...

She just looks SO pretty and peaceful and I love how her cute little feet are sticking out of the blanket. I seriously can't tell you how much I love this little girl.

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Brandi said...

Love it Chels! and I want to meet miss Lylah so bad!