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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cool Weather...

Yay it is starting to cool down!!! The weather has actually been sooo nice these last few days. We have all been wanting to spend a lot more time outside. We've been doing a lot of bike rides, park dates and going on walks. My sister let me borrow a baby carrier and Lylah loves it. It puts her to sleep actually and I love that I don't have to push a stupid double stroller. Gosh I hate double strollers. Has anyone found one they really like for a decent price? I really wish I could find something else. 
Anyways here is Preston playing with some friends

Lylah loved being outside, she was kicking her feet all around and smiling and talking to mama

This was on our walk last night, Spencer didn't get home until late so we decided to walk around our neighborhood and look at all the Halloween decorations and pumpkins. 

We LOVE the cooler weather! Now I just need to start shopping for cooler weather clothes...

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Corinne and Justin said...

Im so glad that Lylah likes the carrier!! Love you guys!