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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lylahs Church Debut...

We took Lylah to church for her first time yesterday. We ended up only staying for sacrament but she did really well and everyone oooed and ahhhed over her. Its super fun to have a super cute baby haha. It was kinda sad not being able to go to YW's...I was looking forward to going back the whole time I was in Utah and then I was released right before I got back. Total BUMMER. I miss those girls and the leaders a TON already. Well we tried to take a picture of Lylah in her sunday dress and these were the pics we got ha...

The first one I blinked so I cropped myself out haha but I was excited about her outfit so I have to explain...I saw this dress at baby gap while i was in Utah and really wanted it but it was like 45 dollars and there is no way i would pay that for a tiny dress. Anyways my sister and I went back when they were having their big Columbus day sale and I got it for 12 bucks! I was sooo excited! And then I already had the pink crochet cardigan from my Mother in law. She looked adorable :).

And here is one with me and Preston too. haha preston was already changed out of his Sunday clothes and Lylah was mad...great pic I know haha!

We love Sundays!

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