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Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Day 1...

We definantly had a blast this vacation. We left wednesday around 2:30 in the afternoon and headed to Santa Ana, Ca. I have my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Scott who live there and who graciously let us stay in their home. We hung out with family, went to the beach, drove to San Diego and went to Sea World and stayed a night in La Jolla. We loved spending all this time together and we really enjoyed doing things we don't normally do. 


Thursday we tried sleeping in but guess who woke up at 5!? Ya that lil munchkin...haha. But since he woke up so early he took a nap and then we headed out to Newport Beach.

I tried to keep that lil boys hat and sunglasses on but he just wasn't having it. He tore them off the second i put them on so I eventually just dumped sunscreen on him and let him worked thank heavens and he didn't burn. Boy did he LOVE the beach. He loved playing in the sand and he LOVED the ocean.


All he wanted was to be put down so he could race over to the water. The water wasn't warm by any means but he didn't care at all...he loved it...every minute of it.  ( My hubby is just sooo sexy, hes lookin real good in that wet suit!! haha love ya babe )


Playing in the water!! I didn't get any good shots of Spencer surfing ( honestly id loose him...i couldn't tell which one he was once he got out there! wow I'm a bad wife...but wait have you met Preston? Ya you'd understand...:) And the ones I got of him boogy boarding weren't that good either...but hey I tried! 


Me and my sweet Presty...notice my white legs...ya i worked on that! haha! I never really tan...i have more red in my skin than any other color...i burn so easily...luckily preston took after his daddy in that area!


We also made sand castles ( or tried ha )...Preston had fun digging holes with his shovel, knocking over every little castle we built and oh ya eating sand! was a challenge keeping things out of that little mouth!


We were trying to dig a hole big enough to bury Spencer in but Preston kept crawling into it and knocking all the sand back in it haha so we decided to bury is legs...doesn't he look like hes having so much fun!?


Preston...what can I say? Isn't he the cutest? And look at all that sand...he'd purposely throw it in his hair...i had to try really hard to just relax and let the poor boy get as dirty as he wanted...hey were on vacation right!? Hes a boy and he LOVES making messes. Boy do I love that messy boy!


Trying to warm up and clean off...all he could think of was getting that dang towel off and crawling away as fast as he possibly could.

After a few hours on the beach we rinsed off and went to have lunch and to find another spot that was better for surfing. We drove out in between Laguna and Newport and came across these HUGE houses right on the water. They were gorgeous...I wanted one so dang bad. Its crazy how much money people in California have...these house had to be 5+ million easy. I mean one was made of marbel for goodness sakes. Seriously CRAZY! But we ended up finding a place back at Newport and me and Preston napped in the car while Spencer hit some more waves...

 ( I LOVE my husband...forever and ever )

After Preston woke up we walked down the beach to the pier and watched the fishermen and some more surfers. We found a burger place and had dinner and then headed back home around 7. 

When we got back we gave Preston a bath and let him get some energy out and he went to and Spencer spent some much needed alone time in the jacuzzi and then we snoozed. Seriously a perfect day...


Corinne and Justin said...

It look like you guys had alot of fun! I love the pictures of Preston stuck in the sand.. Ha soo funny!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Hope you saved some fun over there in Cali. for us! Looks like you guys had tons of fun, wish we could have gone with you!