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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother in law...

Happy Mothers Day Debbie!

Today we were able to go spend the evening with Spencers mom for mothers day. This year we all went in together and had a necklace made with all of her childrens names on it. It was darling! I should have taken a close up picture of it but i forgot. Well she loved it and im so glad! Me and my siblings did the same thing for my mom this year and hopefully my siblings took pictures and ill post them when i get them!

Well I just wanted to let Debbie know how much I appreciate her. Im so grateful for the mother she has been to Spencer. She has raised an incredible man and i cant thank her enough for it. She has an amazing testimony and will share it with anyone and I wish I could be more like her in that way. She always stands up for whats right and is always striving to be a better person. I know that I could go to her with anything that I needed help with. She is one of the most giving persons i know. I know she loves us, she definantly has a way of showing it and making sure we know. And we sure do love you. Hope your day was great!

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